How To Make Your Own GIF

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How to make your own GIF or GIPHY

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This morning, I went to my BFF’s neighborhood to celebrate her grad school graduation. But it was different— showing up in her neighborhood and not at her house.

I showed up in my car and took my place in the parade car line just as I entered her neighborhood. I never got out of my car— even though my road dog, Prince George, was in the passenger seat whining the whole time. I did crack the window so he could see better.


Watch The Social Distancing Car Parade Celebration

YouTube video


We all drove by her house and waved and honked our horns.

That was our new language. The new language of the world to say congratulations to someone we love.

We honked and waved. Someone played Celebrate, by Kool & The Gang, from their car really loud.


Drive By Parade GIPHY


Prince George still whined.

After driving with a whining dog, rolling down the window so he could see my bestie better on her porch waving back at us. Honking the horn all while not veering out of place in the parade line, I thought I was good. Fluent in the language of covid congratulating!


The Best Instagram Story Ideas & Apps Influencers Use


But if I were to choose a new language for celebrating and commencements at a distance, I might focus on a different one that I could get better at:




How To Make Your Own GIF & GIPHY


It wouldn’t involve Cadillacs, spoiled little dogs, or a family parade, but it would be the most useful language to learn right now!

You see, everyone’s speaking in GIFs now, and I’m the worst— I have zero vocabulary!

No more feeling anxious when I see this prompt: “Comment below with a GIF that shows how you feel about the weekend!”

Oh, hellll nah. Skip. Next.

That prompt makes me feel like I’m in church when the preacher asks me to turn and shake the hand of my neighbor, the random person behind me (there’ll probably be no more asking of random acts of kindness in church via a handshake for a while). So it is my point to learn to speak in GIFs.

Every time I try to pick the right GIF, it takes me longer than it would to write the whole screenplay or TV series the gif came from!

I think to myself, as I search and search Giphy, “We’re seeing right now just how short life is, and here I am spending mine trying to find a more original gif to substitute for Tyra Banks’ smize— another GIF to really show that I’m over it and have decision fatigue. Ah, a life well lived!”

The other day, while composing an affiliate email to promote a certain course (coming soon!), I couldn’t find the right confidence-instilling GIF to express, “Yeah, you. You, you, you.”


So I decided to make one. And so can you!

That’s right, YOU.

How I made a GIF out of myself.

And how you can too! It’s the new language of love!


How To Create A GIF Of Yourself


How’d I do it?

1. I took a video of myself with my iPhone (which took way longer than it should’ve…conversation for another time).

2. I airdropped the video to myself, so I could access it on my laptop.

3. I opened, hit “create” at the top, and dragged the video right from the messages field into the browser.


GIF GIPHY website


4. I continued to upload, then control-clicked on the gif, chose “save as,” and saved to my desktop (no need to find a proper folder when I’ll be onto another GIF soon after this one, anyway!).

5. Dragged the GIF from desktop into the email, and voila!

So I didn’t have to settle for what was on offer when I searched for “you”: the world’s worst person, a movie bro, or Rihanna (who’s awesome but wasn’t the tone I was going for).

There you go!

And the moral of the story: If you can’t find the GIF, be the GIF!


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