Christmas Nails – Designs, Ideas & Inspiration

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One of my favorite things to do each holiday season is…

Put up the Christmas tree…

Yeah and…

Make once a year holiday dishes…

Yeah, but also…

Get Christmas nails!!

Here are a handful (no pun intended) of the best Christmas nails on Pinterest, with the most creative designs by my favorite nail artist, Natalie B. Nailz.


December Sweater Nails & Nail Ideas



December Sweater Nails
sweater nails by Natalie B.Nailz


30 Christmas & holiday nail designs


Grinch Nails
Grinch nails by Natalie B. Nailz


Winter Snowflake Nails


Winter Nails Acrylic


Snowflake Nails


Glitter Sweater Nails


Christmas Nails Winter Coffin


December Holiday Nails


Acrylic Coffin Snowflake Nails


Acrylic Nails Christmas Winter


Boujee Nail Designs


Beautiful baby Emma is a future nail artist & the best Christmas present ever for Natalie B. Nailz & husband David Handcrafted


Future Nail Artist Baby Emma


Acrylic Nails Christmas Winter
holiday nails by Natalie B. Nailz


30 best Christmas nails ideas on Pinterest 


Christmas Unicorn Nails


Candy Cane Nails


Christmas Nails 2


Christmas Nails Ideas 3


Christmas Ornament Nails


Christmas Holiday Nails


The Best of Christmas Nails


Cute Red Acrylic Nails


Christmas Nails Ideas 9


Christmas Nail Ideas 10


Holiday Nails Ideas


Santa Clause Nails


December nails & winter acrylic nail ideas


Christmas Nail Ideas


Santa Nails


Christmas Tree Nails


Red Christmas Nails


Candy Cane Nails Ideas


Christmas Snowflake Nail Ideas


Disney Holiday Nails


Sparkling Christmas Nails


Christmas Nail Ideas 21


Christmas Party Nails


Acrylic Nails Christmas Winter


Christmas Unicorn Nails


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Christmas Nails Ideas & Designs



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