Homeschool Classroom Setup & Organization Ideas

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Homeschool schedule Room Ideas, Schedule & Planner

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Call it what you want— unschool, new school, virtual learning or homeschool. All require a new school of thought, ideas and creativity to make it work from home.

The hardest part is getting started, and then consistency kicks in to bring balance and reward. 


Homeschool Room Ideas



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All set for homeschool

I’m recycling 10 practical tips to help your household get all set for a courageous new school year. A parent’s guide to remote learning and establishing a routine.

— by Navy Federal Credit Union


Setup your remote learning space

Start by setting up a comfortable area with the right technology for your child to connect from.

1. Create a designated location. Whether your child studies at the dining room table, a reading nook in the living room or a desk space in their bedroom, having a place that’s clutter-free and set up for doing schoolwork is essential.

2. Let in natural light. If possible, choose a location with a window so your child has access to natural light. Studying in a well-lit room can help them stay alert and avoid eyestrain and headaches.

3. Focus on ergonomics. Children can be more productive when they have a comfortable workspace with a chair that supports their back and is positioned to provide proper alignment for working at a computer.


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4. Test your technology. Test the Wi-Fi signal in the place where your child will be connecting to the internet to make sure you have enough bandwidth for all the connected devices in your home. Whether they have a school-issued laptop or their own device, give the device itself a test run before the first day, too.

5. Scope out camera angles. Practice using video conferencing tools so your child will be more confident using the tool when needed during classtime. Seek out the right space where you feel comfortable with what can be seen on screen and remove any potential distractions from the background.

6. Teach online safety. Talk to your child about protecting themselves (and their identity) online. This includes safeguarding passwords and not clicking suspicious links or interacting with strangers. Review any games or apps before downloading them and make sure privacy settings are enabled.


Homeschool Room Ideas & Organization


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Establish a routine

Maintaining structure throughout the day can help your child focus and complete their work independently.

7. Follow a weekday schedule. Create a calendar to keep track of virtual classes or meetings, and build in time for working on assignments. Your family’s remote learning schedule won’t necessarily follow a typical school day, but aiming for consistency will lighten the load.

8. Take breaks. Schedule time for lunch, snacks and movement. Healthy food, regular exercise and fresh air can help your child stay energized throughout the day. Yoga poses, jumping jacks or a walk around the block provide great breaks, too.

9. Get creative. Make time for art, music and creative play. Encourage your child to paint, draw, practice an instrument, dance or simply listen to music as a way to express themselves.

10. Encourage social interaction. Help your child stay connected with family and friends with regular phone calls, letter writing or video chats.


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