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Shaunda Necole Cooper's Hawk Restaurant & Winery

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On the way up!

On the success climb up, each step is important to reach the top. If any of the steps are skipped, you’ll certainly feel each one of them on the way back down! (yikes!) Do the work, each & every step, all the while trusting the process. Each lesson is critical in making it to the top.

My weekend motivation to get you excited for Monday (TGIM ;-)!  I have so many steps and stories of entrepreneurship, and I’m excited to share the details with other entrepreneurs on the climb. Stay tuned for a lot more about a new partnership I’m involved in and can’t wait to share with you!

Instagram Replay: Feb. 21-Mar. 9

Click on any picture to see more or to shop the looks!

Shaunda Necole golden Oscar statue

Feeling like a winner because I’ve invested in myself! Invest in yourself and you can never go broke. 😉

Celebrate Every Moment and Milestone

Shaunda Necole Happy National California Day

Happy National California Day! Our Valentine's Dinner At Bonefish Grill- Chocolate Lava Cake

Happy Birthday to The Mister!

Shaunda Necole x Jessica Simpson Bling Boots & Ripped Jean Jacket

Happy Birthday to my mom! Celebration at Cooper’s Hawk Winery. Happy International Women's Day ~ #BalanceForBetter

Happy International Women’s Day

I’m just a girl, in a great big world doing my part to help create a #BalanceForBetter . The balance for better campaign is everyday. Collectively, with continuous action we can amplify the message all year long. The future is exciting, and full of color (if you’re looking through my lenses)!
Some of my favorite ladies that I want to amplify today.

Left to right: my favorite girl & my mom, a favorite teacher, my favorite mothers and our daughters, one of my favorite girls I’ve worked with, my favorite friends and my favorite part, the little women!

The little women are our future and the next generation of women who we will teach today the power and presence of being strong women for tomorrow!

Balance for better

Not sure why they don’t include the word “RIGHTS” in International Women’s Day. We’re not really celebrating being women, mothers, wives etc. We are celebrating our rights as women and human beings. Remember that, and support each other! –Dolly K, Ethnik Culture

Shaunda Necole | Fresh Spring Routines With TULA Skincare- Wash Day & Night with Purifying Face Cleanser

TULA Skincare. Founded by a woman, Dr. Raj. Learn more about TULA HERE.

Bob Haircut by Destiny of Hair We Are Salon VA Beach

Hair by Destiny. My hair stylist and Girl Boss! Meet Destiny HERE.

Wonder Nails x Shaunda Necle Cadillac Nail Art Designs

Nails by Natalie B, Girl Boss!

Meet Natalie HERE and watch her art in action on my IGTV channel HERE. Cali Love- PIN IT!

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