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MacKenzie Childs Farmhouse Tour- Every Room, Every Detail- Beautiful Tour At Barn Sale, Aurora NY + Barn Sale Shopping Haul

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What To Wear To MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale


Betsey Johnson Black & White Harlequin Purse

The fourth of July is Tuesday, and I’ve already posted Americana looks to get HERE.
The next holiday (at least it’s a holiday in my mind) is the annual MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale.
If you are a MacKenzie-Childs (MKC) super enthusiast like myself, I’m sure you’d agree hands down that Barn Sale is a holiday!
I personal shop for a select clientele at this event, along with making sure to grab any items on my own personal wish list.
The ladies that I shop for, along with the other thousands of women that make their way through this dynamic 4-day super sale have been creating and updating wish lists all year long in anticipation for this annual event.

What’s all the fuss about, you may ask?

A sale in a barn?
And why on earth would it take 4 days to shop?
All valid questions to be expected of the novice collector.
Lucky for you, you’ve asked the right questions to the right girl with all the answers!

Here’s the who, what, where (and just as important, “the wear”) on Barn Sale


Who comes to Barn Sale?

Barn Sale is hosted by the brand, MacKenzie-Childs and is open to anyone.
It certainly brings in the brand’s most fanatic and die hard collectors.
Last year’s Barn Sale was said to have brought in over 20,000 people to MKC’s headquarters in upstate New York.
People come from all across the country, and even outside of the US. I personally know women from Louisiana, DC and California that make this annual pilgrimage!
With so many people that arrive from all over the map (including myself from Virginia), I suppose that it’s no surprise that people camp outside of MKC’s headquarters the week of, and that there is a line to get in the days of (note, I said days, plural).
I’ve seen the line first hand wrapped around mile-long and in loops with anxious shoppers happily awaiting to get in!
I was even told that last year someone tried to camp out a week before the week of the sale! They were of course politely turned away. (And I promise that person wasn’t me!)

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale Long Line


What’s Barn Sale all about?

Barn Sale takes place on MKC’s 60-something acre gorgeous estate farm, which also houses their studio, offices and a MKC completely decked out Farmhouse that offers daily tours.
Barn Sale is an annual 4-day super shopping event for the luxury home and decor brand.
Items at the sale are at least 50% off and up to 80% off.
I attend each day because there are usually items that get marked down further as the days go on. From my own guesstimate, I would say that 80% of MKC’s items across all of their departments are available for sale.
Last year, I came across plenty of pieces from retired patterns that were wish-listed by quite a few of the ladies I shop for.

Barn Sale What To Wear


When is Barn Sale?

Traditionally Barn Sale has taken place in mid July, with no exception this year. The dates are Thursday July 20 through Sunday, July 23.
I read somewhere that the sale started as a 3-day event, and grew so much in popularity to become the 4-day event it is today .

MacKenzie-Childs Studio Aurora, NY


Where is Barn Sale?

As whimsical and fairy tale as the brand itself, Barn Sale is hosted at their headquarters in beautiful, serene upstate New York.
A fanciful little village-town called Aurora (read this post— Why You Should Visit Aurora, NY).
The town is pretty much just one street (seriously!) and it is nestled along the longest of the Finger Lakes in this region, the longest being the beautiful Cayuga Lake.
And about that Barn— Yes, there is a very large barn on the property, and during the sale it’s filled with the brand’s collection of enamelware. It’s one of the busiest places at the sale and also the first shopping area once you enter into Barn Sale.

I must also mention that this sale is so organized and well thought out.

All of the thousands of items for sale are priced to show the original cost and the new sale price. (I love to see how much I’m saving!)

There are tons of fantastic and helpful employees on hand everywhere, ready to assist with any questions or concerns. I wrote a letter to their CEO, John, last year because I was overly impressed by the entire shopping experience.

MacKenzie-Childs also hands out unlimited, large paper shopping bags to make picking and purchasing easier. There are carts, too, but there’s usually a line to get those, too!

This year I’ve purchased my own traveling shopping cart HERE to kick start my purchases as soon as I’m in!

Oh, and outside of the Barn, the rest of the sale takes place under gigantic tents with overhead signs to indicate each shopping area (like furniture, ceramics, etc.)

Last year a map of the event by shopping section was posted on MKC’s website.

Because of the tents, the sale goes on rain or shine. Even with the air conditioning and/or fans (I can’t quite remember which one, or both were in the tents) it’s still hot because it’s still outside in the peak of summer— which leads me to my next point…


MacKenzie-Childs Store Aurora, NY


Cayuga Lake, Aurora NY


MacKenzie-Childs Farmhouse Aurora, NY


MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale Enamelware


MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale Shopping


MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale Shoppers


What to wear to Barn Sale?

I personally love a theme for festive occasions.
In honor of MacKenzie-Childs’ most adored pattern, Courtly Check, I’ve rounded up a bunch of black & white gingham and check outfits.
I chose looks that are both stylish and comfortable, keeping in the front of my mind that Barn Sale occurs in the daytime in mid summer.
If you haven’t yet laid out your suitcase like you’ve probably laid out every detail of your MKC shopping lists, I’ve “personal shopped” these looks for you here!
Oh, and please comment if you will be attending this year’s Barn Sale.
I would love to get a chance to see you and meet you there!

Click any of the rotating images below to shop!





Barn Sale Courtly Check Outfits


What To Wear To MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale?



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Going To MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale?


Going To The MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale?



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  1. I’ve never been on a Sunday and have often wondered if it’s a good day to go and what the lines are like on Sundays. What time do they stop letting people in?

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