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SHEIN clothing reviews

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SHEIN clothing reviews: 4 years shopping the site 

Struggling to select your weekend outfit or comfy cozy clothes to work from home? Or maybe you’re looking for clothes in your wardrobe for a special occasion and having trouble finding a perfect fit? Don’t fret! 

4 years of SHEIN in review: hundreds of outfit ideas & style inspiration

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Certainly, trendy and comfortable outfits help boost your confidence level and uplift your personality. Let’s face it- fashion makes you feel good!

Being a style blogger and fashion enthusiast, I’m always looking for trendy outfits for Instagram pictures, party wear, summer wardrobe essentials and comfy winter clothes. 

A few years back, I used to order from different online stores, lingerie from one, PJs from another, and a dress from the third. A little annoying, my cursor hovering from one store to the other.

Luckily, I found an online store with a massive collection at comparatively competitive prices. You might be wondering where you can find comfy and trendy attire in various style varieties- all under one internet roof. 


SHEIN clothing reviews


SHEIN outfit ideas (pictured above):

Red California hoodie & pink pleated skirt  |  Cottage core pink floral maxi dress  |  White floral midi-dress  |  Silver sequin dress  |  Sheer floral dress  |  3 friends outfits  |


Yes, you heard that right.

You can have both- outfits that not only fit you perfectly, but also that provide enhanced comfort! 

Any guesses on where this company is located?

It’s none other than the site SHEIN.com, a fast-growing online fashion outfits brand based in China that offers quality fashionable products at reasonable prices. 


What is your experience with SHEIN?

Trendy attires at low prices; yes, it’s possible with SHEIN.

Are you a bit skeptical about your first order with SHEIN and contemplating if you should make your first purchase with them online? I’m happy to share my SHEIN clothing brand shopping experience with you! 


SHEIN reviews- Is SHEIN true to size?


Shop the SHEIN look (pictured above):

Jean jacket  |  Red gingham dress  |  Two-piece cold-shoulder outfit  | Red California hoodie & pink pleated skirt  |  White floral shirt-dress  |   Sheer floral dress  |  3 friends outfits  |


Why is SHEIN the talk of the town?

It’s getting pretty hard to ignore SHEIN’s fashion-forward styles. 

I’ve been ordering outfits from SHEIN for over four years, and I’m super satisfied with their quality.

Either it’s comfy cozy matchy tops with bottoms, classy outfits for executive meetings, vacation outfits, or any other product from their massive collection, SHEIN sells top-notch trendy apparel at affordable prices. 

SHEIN has grown in popularity since they’ve concentrated their marketing efforts on outfitting Youtubers, bloggers, TikTokers and Instagram influencers with their fast fashion brand. 

I was a SHEIN customer first, and then I also worked with them for a few years as a brand ambassador, constantly sharing my SHEIN style and coupon codes on Instagram and my blog.

This article is not a sponsored SHEIN post, but I like to be transparent about the working relationship I’ve had with SHEIN products, which gives me a lot of insider experience to share!


So how is SHEIN clothing so cheap?

Having been a retail store owner myself, my business really scaled when we turned our mall location into a complete online shopping experience, closing the door to a walk-in store. This is the same for SHEIN. 

The online retailer operates entirely from a website. They can pass on the savings to you, the customer, since they don’t have a retail store’s extra expenses and are exclusively an online shopping store.


SHEIN outfit ideas (pictured below):

Fruit print outfit  |  Rainbow sequin skirt  |  Hot Pink shorts suit  |  Striped short suit  |  Guacamole dress  |  Rainbow faux fur coat  |


SheIn Outfit Ideas, Reviews & Monthly Giveaway- Why Is SHEIN Clothing So Cheap?


Should you trust blogger SHEIN reviews?

Hi! Blogger here, and I’m very picky in terms of choosing my outfits!

I share feedback from a blogger’s perspective, a business owner’s point of view, and a consumer perspective. So my reviews are genuinely 360- well-rounded.


Are SHEIN clothes good quality?

I always buy from the SHEIN website with complete confidence. 

Whether you’re searching for attire for collaboration shoots or casual daily wear, SHEIN is for you! The outfits they offer are durable, fit well and don’t fade or shrink when washing. 

Leggings, crop tops, a skirt or maxi dress- it’s all at SHEIN and all top quality.

The outfits put a smile on my face, refresh my mood in the mornings, and helps me to have a peaceful good night’s sleep (I love their cozy PJs).

The best part about SHEIN is that their shipping is timely (You don’t have to wait for weeks to receive your SHEIN order).

Their website offers package tracking to know when your order will arrive. One of the best clothing brands ever!


Should you trust blogger SHEIN reviews?


Shop the SHEIN look (pictured above):

Pink floral dress  |  Navy & white striped dress  |  Yellow dress  |  Embellished T-shirt  | Red gingham dress  | Red California hoodie & pink pleated skirt  |


Is SHEIN a reliable site?

Yes, SHEIN is a legit online shopping site for classy outfits at a comparatively low price. However, some people say they don’t get the quality of what they’ve paid for. 

It’s essential to exercise your smart-buyer skills when making a purchase online, especially when it comes to clothes. 

I’ve answered here with my experience the most common questions asked about SHEIN reviews. Consider this a done-for-you checklist and guide for a SHEIN clothing review.


My honest SHEIN review: Is it any good, and do the clothes actually fit?

  • Is SHEIN worth buying from? Tips on buying SHEIN clothing

If your first order has gone wrong with SHEIN, it doesn’t mean that this online clothing store is not worth buying from or that their clothes are of poor quality. 

Maybe you have picked the wrong products that don’t suit your personality or style, or perhaps you’ve overlooked that item’s specific buyer reviews about the apparel.

  • Is SHEIN true to size?

When I was just learning my size in SHEIN clothes, I also took the time to review the SHEIN sizing chart before purchasing. On most outfits, they share the size that the model is wearing in the product picture. 

  • What size should you order?

I’ve found SHEIN to be at most a size smaller than outfits I buy in stores. Many SHEIN reviews will share if the buyer says that the garment was true to size. This info can be very helpful.


Why is SHEIN the talk of the town?


SHEIN outfit ideas (pictured above):

Black & pink jumpsuit  |  Black rainbow jumpsuit  |  Yellow dress  |   3 friends outfits  | Red gingham dress  | Cottage core pink floral maxi dress  | Pink floral dress  |


  • How long does SHEIN shipping take? 

Global shipping typically takes 1-3 days for order processing. Shipping time starts from the day your items are shipped, not from the order day. 

Double-check the address that you type in. Delayed delivery is often a result of an invalid address. 

  • Where do SHEIN orders ship from?

How long does SHEIN take to ship? Orders typically arrive in 1-2 weeks. If the order is shipped from the US, it comes earlier. I have received many SHEIN orders that shipped from their California warehouse and arrived to me in Virginia within 2-3 days.

However, if it’s dispatched from China, it takes longer to receive your order.

  • Pro shopping tips: 

While adding products to your cart, always order various items to avoid SHEIN shipping costs. I place orders once I have at least three outfits I want.

Also, I mostly order outfits using SHEIN coupons and promo offers to get more discounts. I mean, who doesn’t like saving money?


Shop the SHEIN look (pictured below):

Blue ruffle dress  |  Yellow and blue fit & flare dress  |  Polka dot dress  |  Yellow gingham dress  |  Black floral jumpsuit  |  Guacamole dress   |


Is SHEIN any good and do the clothes actually fit?



  • How long does it take for an order to process?

Click here to check the estimated shipping times by choosing your country/region, shipping methods, standard shipping or express shipping costs. In case you didn’t know, US Priority mail comes with shipping insurance.

If the shipping gets delayed, SHEIN rewards its customers with shopping points to oblige the long wait. You can check your SHEIN wallet points in your account online.

  • How to Track Orders

Shopping is easy with SHEIN. Now you can track your orders from your SHEIN account. Login to your SHEIN account and click on “My orders” to check your order’s current status. It’s that simple!


Does SHEIN have free returns?

Every reputable online store wants to see its customers happy and satisfied. Keeping customer satisfaction as their foremost priority, SHEIN does accept order returns if you send back products in the original packing within 30 days of receipt as long as the product is unworn.

The credit typically takes five working days after your return is received.

Buyers receive a confirmation email once returns are processed, and the funds have transferred back to your account. 

Read the Returns & Exchanges process and policies here

However, before ordering items from the SHEIN store, remember that they don’t offer returns on bodysuits, jewelry, lingerie, bathing suits, party supplies, and a few other categories.

How do you return something to SHEIN?

Don’t send SHEIN items back (before contacting SHEIN customer service) to the address mentioned on your package. 

Ask customer service for the address and return authorization number (RA #) and return label to ship back products. Not doing this may delay the processing of your refund.


SHEIN Reviews- Tips on buying SHEIN clothing?


SHEIN outfit ideas (pictured above): 

Pink wrap maxi dress |  Black geometric-print fit & flare dress  |  Pink blazer &  Pink floral dress   |  Camo jacket & White floral shirt-dress | Yellow dress  |  Black & pink jumpsuit  | Navy & white striped dress  |  Silver sequin dress  |  Sheer floral dress  |


How is SHEIN customer service?

Contact SHEIN customer support to return any product for a full refund. Remember, don’t remove the products’ tags till you’re 100% satisfied with the product. 


Where is SHEIN located in the US?

Again, SHEIN saves you money by not having physical shopping mall locations. On occasion, they’ve been known to create a spontaneous pop-up store for their fans! I’ve seen this happen in Los Angeles.


Are there any good alternative sites like SHEIN?

I’ve tried Romwe for similar styles like SHEIN. I was not as pleased with the quality of the outfits.

You may like Red Dress Boutique or Fashion Nova as alternatives to SHEIN.

I shop SHEIN for bohemian and boho chic styles.

My other favorite sites for boho styles are Free People and Anthropologie.

(Admittedly, Free People and Anthro are not as affordable as SHEIN, making SHEIN a top choice for many.)


SHEIN shop the look

Click on any picture below to shop the look.


Overall, is SHEIN a reliable site?

I hope this SHEIN clothing review will help you decide when shopping SHEIN’s trendy items. 

SHEIN is increasingly more popular than it was when I was first shopping there years ago. 

If you see something you like, refer to these helpful tips right away before your favorite apparel sells out!


Your turn, have you shopped at SHEIN? 

How was your experience with SHEIN? 

I’ve had concerns about sizing, quality and customer support when ordering different items from various online stores. But with SHEIN, I always buy with confidence and trust.

What did you think of my honest SHEIN review?

Leave a comment below and let me know!


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