How To Build Meaningful Relationships In Life & Biz

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Carnival Vista Cruise Ship Crew - Why Are Meaningful Relationships Important

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Build meaningful relationships.

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It was about how at dinner one night, mid chicken-wing bite, I stopped eating because I began to cry.

Not because the chicken was so good. Although it was. I think The Mister used a Korean BBQ, and I’d say it was one of his best batches yet!

But that still wasn’t the reason for my emotional overflow.

The waterworks began when the chorus of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s controversial song, Sweet Home Alabama, started to play. 

I know, I know. Skynyrd’s song, Free Bird, is more my jam. One could argue that Sweet Home Alabama is a song with racially stoked lyrics in today’s climate of BLM, and from my previous posts, you probably thought I was more on a Drake kinda diet— In My Feelings.


Carnival Cruise Ship Crew Formal Dinner - how to build meaningful relationships


But still, who cries when listening to Sweet Home Alabama anyway?

Me. Because I last sang this song over dinner in a formal dining room. Formal because I’m sure I was wearing sequin, a cocktail ring and had a dinner purse. With a group of nine of the most incredibly diverse people that at that point, I’d known for probably less than three days. 

When the band got to the hook of the song, we collectively belted out the lyrics in unison, “Sweet Home Ala-bama (dunna doont da doont doon…).” It was so invigorating. We cheered and laughed! And then the waiter served us filet mignon and lobster.


Carnival Cruise Ship Lobster Dinner



I always miss having someone serve me lobster for dinner. But I miss the group interaction even more! And it only took a rock song from a stoned 60’s band to remind me of how much I do!

By the end of eight days at sea, our group, appropriately dubbed the “Cruise Ship Crew, “ engaged in over a dozen-plus activities together. From intimate meals every day, cheering each other on as we climbed ancient Mayan ruins and walking the jaguar jungles of Belize together, coming out taller than the trees!

At the end of eight days, no-one was ready to part ways and leave. We all tried to hold it together as we said our goodbyes, but one person cracked— and cried. (Promise, it wasn’t me.)


Carnival Cruise Ship Crew Belize Excursion - how to build meaningful relationships


“Ever wish you had more relationships that nourish your soul— and enrich your life and business?”

That’s why I’m sharing five powerful ways to build and cultivate relationships, written by my friend and powerhouse publicity and media coach, Selena Soo


These tips work! 

Did I mention that the Cruise Ship Crew and I were on an eight-day all-expense-paid luxury Caribbean cruise?

​We each manifested this maybe once in a lifetime experience by way of building meaningful relationships— via social media! Selena’s valuable tips (all-expense-paid kind of valuable) are right here for you to manifest a cup that over-floweth!


Cruise Ship Crew Halloween Carnival Vista - how to build meaningful relationships



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5 ways to create and build meaningful relationships, by Selena Soo

At the end of the day, relationships are the most precious and valuable thing you’ll ever have.


1) Proactively build relationships with people who inspire you.

You get to choose who is in your life. So why not reach out to someone you’ve been wanting to connect with or an acquaintance?

This can be as simple as a Facebook message, like the one I sent the other day that said:

“Hi Laura! Was just thinking I would love to get to know you better. Want to jump on Zoom sometime over the next 2 weeks or so?”

To which she responded:

“Hello my lovely!! You know I’ve been thinking the same thing, we’ve been friends online for such a long time. Let’s do that yes!”

➱ Is there an acquaintance you can reach out to today to build a deeper connection with?




Selena Soo Guest Post How To Make Meaningful Connections


2) Be bold and let someone know how much they mean to you.

Last month I was going through my Impacting Millions new student questionnaires. I love knowing who’s in my programs, and when I feel inspired, I’ll reach out to some of them.

I sent one person, Alondra, a video message:

She responded by saying:

“When I was about 9 years old, I had a vision that a woman called Selena would come into my life and help me be a public servant and a star.

Then a few weeks ago a woman that’s been supporting my journey for years sent me your program. When I saw your name I almost fell off the chair!

I’m happy to connect!

I responded by saying:

“That is so awesome, Alondra! We will have to connect sometime.

What about chatting this coming Friday or some time the week after? I would love to get to know you better!

I felt compelled to get to know Alondra because:

A) I found her fascinating. I loved what she shared in her questionnaire about combining her passion for interior design, dancing, singing, and spiritual work into a powerful way to deeply serve people. I also loved her photos on social media and amazing sense of style!

B) She made me feel special. Words of affirmation can go a long way. When you let someone know how significant they are to you, it’s flattering and makes them curious about you too.

As the popular saying goes, “The best way to be interesting to someone is to show that you are interested in them.”

➱ What can you do today to show someone how much you care about them?


Carnival Cruise Ship Crew Lido Deck Party


3) Help people with their most important business goals.

Now you may be thinking, “Selena, I’m not a mind reader! How do I know what someone’s most important business goals are?”

Here’s the thing: as entrepreneurs, we all have very similar needs. This includes:

A) Publicity and attention (to get us in front of more people)
B) Sales (to grow our biz and make our biggest impact)
C) Amazing people to help us grow (for example, a mentor or team member)

➱ How can you help someone grow their business in a meaningful way?


4) Support people on a personal level.

I recently connected with a super successful, 7-figure entrepreneur. Friends had been telling us we had to meet, because there were so many business synergies.

But we barely talked about business. The thing we ended up talking about on Zoom? Boys 🙂

She was in a new relationship and there was a lot of uncertainty. I connected her to my favorite psychic who is crazy accurate, which was exactly what she needed.

➱ What can you do to support a business colleague on a personal level? Maybe it’s with their health and fitness, a relationship, or a personal issue that’s been troubling them.


Jenni's Ice Cream State Fair Collection


5) Wow them with a thoughtful gift.

I love the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, which is all about the different ways people feel loved. For many, physical gifts bring people delight and joy, which makes it a powerful way to make someone feel appreciated and special.

One of my favorite gifts to give people is gourmet ice cream from Jeni’s. They have delicious flavors like Raspberry Rose Jelly Donut, Brandied Banana Brulee, Salted Peanut with Chocolate Flecks, and Blackout Chocolate Cake.

Pro tip: when you’re sending food, make sure you’re sending it to their home address vs. their business P.O. box! Also check to see if this is something they would enjoy (you could ask their significant other or their assistant). If someone is dairy free, sugar free, or on a health kick this gift would probably not be ideal.

But if they have a sweet tooth and have family members to share this with, this unexpected gift could make someone’s day — or month!

➱ What’s a cool gift you can send someone? Bonus points if you do your research to make sure this is something they would enjoy!


Now I would love to hear from you. Which of these five tips was most helpful to you?

  1. Proactively build relationships with people who inspire you.
  2. Be bold and let someone know how much they mean to you.
  3. Help people with their most important business goals.
  4. Support people on a personal level.
  5. Wow them with a thoughtful gift.

➱ Let me know right here in a comment below!

And if you have a relationship building tip to share, let me know that, too!

Can’t wait to hear from you!



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