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Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers

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What a finish!…Blue eyebrows and all!
Good save on anyone having to say, “What was she thinking?!

Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- It Takes a Village!


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers

It takes a village to put me together for a good pic! That’s because it doesn’t always go as planned.
This post for Kiko Milano was a winner!
But…It took more than a few tries and even scenery changes to get it just right!

Shaunda Necole 2017 VA Beach Christmas Lights

This was just taken a few weeks ago at Christmas time. I sat down to pose and ended up with a Charlie horse!
What are the chances?!
Bananas…Yes, please!

Christmas Lights Bloopers


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Save the Ta Ta's


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Save the Ta Was with Bootay Bag

Speaking of the holidays…Do I look a little unsure about this pose for BootayBag?!
Honestly, I truly loved this shoot for such a great cause! Thank GOD we nailed this one very quickly.
There were construction workers nearby, and this pose was definitely a little awkward with an audience


My daughter is always getting on me for trying new poses that are not “me” !
I just give her “the look” (see above), and then I ultimately end up listening to her (since she is the one in charge behind the camera! 😉

This is the shot that ended up making it on Instagram!

This could be awkward…

…Except it’s Funny Friday! Fast forward and it’s already the second Friday of 2018! A really delightful part of my 2017 was being able to capture so many of the year’s moments in photo and video to never be forgotten. My daughter is my photographer for most of my everyday portraits, so I had the pleasure of having my right hand girl right in front of me almost every step of the way! We had so many fun times, good memories and even more silly laughs along the way. Most of the silly laughs because I’m very awkward when it comes to natural poses; at least I was when we started photographing at the beginning of 2017. She says I’ve finally come a long way 😉
To close the year, I thought it’d be fun to include you in on some of our laugh out loud moments. Unfortunately, these are all pictures of me, and none of her since she’s the one in charge behind the camera (smart girl). Occasionally Prince George, the pup and Courtly, the cat make an appearance!
I believe one should try not to take themselves too seriously, so in good spirit let’s all have a little laugh at me!
Happy 2018, Y’all!

Prince George The Pup x MacKenzie-Childs Summer


MacKenzie-Childs Summer Serving Tray and Lemonade

Sometimes I get photo bombed!
Prince George was also outside…and clearly eyeballing (with tongue out and everything) the cake.
I got rid of both problems…the cake and Prince George, too!
The finish…A nice, clean summer shot.

A tired Prince George The Pup- JackChi

I think summer shoots just make Prince George tired (insert yawn).
Bless his little heart, he’s always the willing participant…Unlike Courtly, the cat who’s always trying to take apart the perfect scene! She’s never willing to stay still, pose, and just do it for the ‘Gram!

Courtly The Cat In Christmas Lights


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- outdoor shoots


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- beach shoots


Blogger Bloopers at the beach


Blogger Bloopers

I’m certainly all about the summer…but these are some awkward poses!
Bad witch much?…I promise, I wasn’t yelling at the photographer (above)…
I’m not even sure what this pose is all about???!!!I

Shaunda Necole MacKenzie-Childs Neiman Marcus Spring Collection

…Back to being “the good witch“!

Shaunda Necole MacKenzie-Childs Floor Mat


Shaunda Necole MacKenzie-Childs Floor Mat at the Beach

The Mister’s mouth dropped when he saw this mat from our kitchen immersed in the Atlantic Ocean!
He should know by now the lengths I’ll go for the perfect shot!
Here are more examples below of “Glad we took more than one pic!

My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Towne Center


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- VA Beach Towne CenterShaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Bubblegum

Who says I can’t chew bubble gum and walk?!…Uh, these pics said so…

Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers Bubble Gum

…Nailed it! One of my fav whimsical shots above!

My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Blurr


My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Fruit Infusion


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Prince George Sneezes


Shaunda Necole x Prince George The Pup 2017 Blogger Bloopers


My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Who What Wear Spring Skirt


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers My Who What Wear

Had to enlist The Mister to take this pic when my real photog was away.
OMG! It was like pulling teeth to finally get this usable shot!
I couldn’t keep a straight face. He’s a better comedian than photographer 😉

Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Free People dress

Tag’s out! (above)

Shaunda Necole My Blogger Bloopers- Free People Jumpsuit

And next bring on the wardrobe malfunctions!…Nothing R rated, just a tag out here, and noticeable wrinkles there…making for the best, beautiful, unusable pics!

Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers Poodle Party!

Remember the poodle party?!

Probably my favorite shoot of 2017! These precious pups were absolutely the best on this really hot day!…But we did have to employ a few tricks to keep their paws in place. Meet the “head poodle” AKA photographer, Kory who spent a good amount of time hidden under the table holding dog tails and paws in place to make this all come together!

My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Chipmunk Cheek

Who could forget the week after my dental work when I was stuck with the “chipmunk cheek“?

My 2017 Blogger Bloopers= Photo Bombs

Or…How I loved this pic…but rendered it unusable after being photo bombed by the toilet!

My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- teeth whitening

…Finding out first hand that teeth whitening tutorials are not exactly flattering!

Shaunda Necole x Jodeci Wife

For most of the year, selfies were not easy for me to accomplish…proving my age, probably! I was so excited to meet one of the wives of R&B legends K-Ci and Jo Jo…but I forgot the flash when we took the selfie together!
“Hi! I’m a blogger”…Embarrassing!
The only consolation is that I did not try that weird winking thing (like in the below pic) in this selfie with Jo Jo’s wife!

My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- winking thing


Shaunda Necole x The Studio Hampton Roads autumn photo shoot


Shaunda Necole My 2017 Blogger Bloopers- Prince George The Pup not cooperating

Uh Oh! Looks like Prince George is trying to run out of this really put together scene…
…I’d better catch him!
So 2017…
That’s a wrap!
Cheers to more better bloopers in 2018 😉

Shaunda Necole My Blogger Bloopers- 2017 That's A Wrap!



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